Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's all in the name...

Here are a few very bad, but funny stories of some unfortunate names.

1. My former roommate had a girlfriend named Luv Seamon. Actually her full name was Luv Joy Seamon.

I heard the daughter of the man behind Lear aviation was named Shanda Lear.

I'd like to point out that parents can be atrocious with normal names, too. I knew an accountant in Chicago a few years back named Mary Chris Smith.

When I was working in the Career Services of my undergraduate University, we of course had files on everyone who had come in looking for work (which was just about everyone at some point). We were privy to a lot of really odd names. Anyway, when I was working through a day of 'pre interviews' ... I suddenly realized I was faced with a bad bad name to try to call out in a crowded room: Kynda Boring. Giving her the benefit of a doubt, I called out with the pronunciation "Kin-da" and left the last name off. She corrected me as she came into the interview room, "No, it's pronounced 'Kind-a'." Ooooook, I just left it at that and suppressed my internal laughter and did the interview. I was filing paperwork later in the day and came across her name in the files and lo and behold, there's a twin sister there. Her name was ..... Michelle.

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