Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday night shenanigans...

Dunnski and I met Mandy and Bill for dinner Friday night. The food and conversation was excellent. The service was not so excellent. I hate it when you go to a new trendy restaurant and they have hired a lot of pretty skinny people who look good when you walk through the door, but have no clue how to bar tend or wait on people properly. Oh well, the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake almost made up for the terrible service.

Later at Bill and Mandy's, I learned that I really kick ass at this Wii game, even with holding a glass of wine in one hand and the Wii remote in the other hand.

And that I really suck ass at this game....must have been all the wine.


Gypsydoodlebug said...

My bowling average went down, like, 80 points. I blame the wine, too.

Charmed said...

I never was any good at video games.

Drinking and video games is a TOTALLY different story though.