Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh. My. Jonas.

The Jo Bro's were on MTV's TRL this week and one of their fans went a little nutso. I present to you Exhibit A - where she is eating her hair and looks as if she is about to explode.

Exhibit B...she is reaching out to touch him, with some crazy high five motion.

Exhebit C....Check out skitzoid at the end.

Exhibit D....OMG..did he tell her that her dog just died? I think she is having a nervous breakdown. Someone please call the paramedics.

Now, trust me. We live with a 13 year old girl. We understand the Jo Bro craziness. Kinda. We are forced to listen to their music, look at their posters and hear about their private lives on an daily basis.

Now if I could only get my daughter to STOP asking me if they are HAWT. My answer is and will always be NO! I am old enough to be all three of those boys mother!!!! That is sooooo NOT HAWT!!!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!! And I am rotfl my butt off at this post!!! LOL

So sorry for never responding to your previous comments (from forever ago) ... long story short is posted on my blog from today.

I did mail the magnets ... did you not get it? I can resend some more. Don't send me your info yet...I haven't checked my email in ages and need a day or two to go through it. Oh, it's been WAY too long! lol


Gypsydoodlebug said...

OMG I'm glad Boo's not old enough for this shit yet.