Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top Ten Things Overheard in Line to See the New Batman Movie

10. "Batman hasn't been the same since he traded the Batmobile for a Prius"

9. "Shouldn't you be working, Mr. President?"

8. "One adult and one bat, please"

7. "Hold my spot -- I have to go take a bat-leak"

6. "I've been here two weeks and this isn't the line for the new iPhone?"

5. "I spent all my money on gas, so I'll just stand here and look at the poster"

4. "He drives a fancy car and fights crime -- you know, just like a bat"

3. "Hey honey -- there's a guy skateboarding, no running, no skateboarding down Broadway"

2. "It's about time; I haven't seen a superhero movie since 'Iron Man,' 'The Incredible Hulk,' 'Hancock,' and 'Hellboy II'"

1. "I hear he saved 15% on Batmobile insurance by switching to Geico"

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