Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunnski has several hats...he just wishes he knew when in the hell to grab them!

**Warning to all Males**
Talk of female parts below

I have been having ovarian cysts for the last several months that have been causing irregular menstrual cycles. I did not know that was the cause until the day before vacation, when I was having excruciating pain in my side. I went to the Dr thinking it was another kidney stone, but after an ultrasound, a 3 cm cyst was discovered. So, I am now going on my second month without my period, and I am not pregnant. When she finally comes, everyone in our house better buy a hat and hold on to it for dear life.


ummmhello said...

Yikes!!! Stock up on Midol now!

The Mom said...

Oh no, sorry about the news...hope the protocol to take care of them is pain-free.

I had this on my blog over the weekend, that's byfar the funniest SNL skit so far!

Fiona said...

Let 'er blow!!!!

Ryan The Intern said...

Thank you. I can't say I read the post, but I appreciate the warning and wish whoever it is the best of luck and speediest recovery with whatever they have.