Sunday, June 22, 2008

What were the chances?

Last night before the big party, Dunnski surprised me by taking me to dinner at Hiko-a-mon for sushi. We walk in and are waiting to be seated he looks through the crowd and says, "Isn't that Mandy (from Mandyland)?"

OMG!! It is Mandy and her husband, Bill. How CRAZY is it the we end up in the same restaurant? We ran to greet each other and when we hugged for the first time, there was squealing. We shared a table and ate the most amazing sushi. We really hit it off and had a great time.

At the end of dinner, Mandy and I excused ourselves to the ladies room. Do you know what they have in their ladies room at Hiko-a-mon? Heated toilet seats! Yes, warm seats to toast your buns!! It was great, as we both went into our stalls, we simultaneously said "ooohhhhh" as we sat down. After I was done, I was looking to see how the little piece of heaven worked. The toilet seat was plugged in to the wall, and there was a cord running from the wall to the seat. That was it.

There were a few warnings though...

We were so excited about our find, so when we returned we sent Bill to check out the men's room. He returned and said they in fact had NO heated seats in the men's room. To which I replied, "Der, it said it couldn't get wet!"


Fiona said...

hahahahahahahahaha great last line!!!

*L* they have those toilets at Narita airport, with a little bit of an add-on function. When you start peeing, the toilet plays cover-up noise so noone can hear the splashing LOL....I must admit the first time I sat on one of those heated seats, I thought someone must have just left it after a long sit-down...but it got warmer and warmer as I sat there...and the music was rather relaxing!

Melinda Zook said...

Heated toilet seats...I guess I am missing out...I never sit on those public seats. I guess I need to get over my icky fear!