Monday, June 23, 2008

What time is it?

My youngest is always asking us what time it is. Some days it seems as if she asks at least 15 times. She has always been a very curious child and likes to be 'in the know' about things. But, I cannot for the life of me figure out her obsession with time. I mean, she is only 8 years old, it isn't like she has a terribly hectic schedule to maintain. And, if she attends any function she is chauffeured to her destination.

Several months ago, Dunnski purchased her a digital clock for her room. She can read the numbers on a digital clock, but still has trouble reading the hands on a wall clock. We had hoped this would cut down on her questioning about the time, if she could just look at her own clock. Nope. Didn't really turn out that way.

I know that kids are strange, and believe me, mine can be strange. She really doesn't have a good excuse either for always wanting to know the time. She just wants to know.

What is up with that?


Anonymous said...

I have no idea! My son is also 8 and does the same thing...BUT...he'll ask, I'll asnwer (rounding to the nearest 5) "it's 10 after 7", he'll respond "no it's not, it's 8 after 7" so I'll respond "if you knew that why did you ask?"...his response..."I don't know"


Charmed said...

I KNOW! She will do the same thing!

I will tell her it is 8, when it is really 7:55 and she will say, no it isn't. THEN WHY DID YOU ASK!!!

Melinda Zook said...

Mine does that too. He is only 4 and he will ask every ten minutes when there is someplace exciting he is about to go, like a birthday party or out to dinner or something. It gets so frustrating! I wish I could give advise but I am in the same boat I think.

ummmhello said...

Mine, too! And now that they're on summer vacation I hear, "What day is it?"
Why the heck do YOU need to know?!