Thursday, June 26, 2008

What do you say?

Today has not been good.

How do I explain this to my kids.

How do I tell my children that sometimes bad things happen to bad people, when he left two daughters behind that are the same age as my children. How do I know this?

This man was the father of the children with the woman that my ex-husband is dating. He had not played a big role in their lives for many years, but he was in the background.

I am so sick to my stomach thinking about what these two girls have to deal with now. The oldest called my oldest daughter earlier today crying. What do you say? What can you say?


Gypsydoodlebug said...

Oh, hon. I'm so sorry for you and the girls. Stay strong. You can't make them understand, but you can love and support them. Call me if you need a grown-up chat.

The Mom said...

My prayers go out to the family, I'm so sorry!

Anonymous said...

You can't say much......but you can always lend a shoulder and have open arms.