Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sorry more texting for you!

Remember this....

Bethanne - WU

Mom - This cell phone bill, that's what's up. Who are you texting 50 times a day????

Bethanne - IDK my BFF Jill

Mom - well, tell Jill that I am taking away your phone

Bethanne - TISNF

Mom - This bill is what is S N F

My oldest loves to text, text, text and text some more. She has not been as bad as Bethanne, her last bill only averaged 19 texts a day. And she accessed the internet at a cost of .01 per kilobyte, which, was not cheap. I just got off the phone with the wireless carrier. It is official, texting and internet access has been cancelled. She could do well some months and keep her texting under control, but others, she just totally lost her mind.

So, she now has a $147.00 cell phone bill that after her dad and I chip in our $25 each we agreed to pay each month, she will need to work off. I see a lot of babysitting her sister in her future.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I so hope you don't mind, but I had to had you to my list of 'peeks'

As for texting...littleman is only 8 and I won't let him have a cellphone yet, but he loves his internet time....that's what doing chores are for! ;)

Charmed said...

littlemansmom - Thanks! I added your blog to my blogroll too!

I gave my oldest a phone when she entered middle school. I think that is a good age. My youngest daughter is only 8, and she would LOVE a phone!