Monday, June 09, 2008

Do you ever feel like you are on Candid Camera?

Dunnski and I traveled to Iowa this weekend for a wedding. We had a connecting flight in Memphis for the trip out and back home. When we first arrived in Memphis, we had about 7 minutes to get our connecting flight. There was no time for breaks.

On our connecting flight home....we have an entirely different story. We arrive at the airport with about 30 minutes to catch our flight. Our terminal is at the opposite end of the airport...of course. As we make our way to other end of the airport we check the monitor, it states our flight is on time. A good couple of minutes into our walk, we check the monitors again, and WTF? The flight is now delayed an hour. Yes, an hour. So, we make our way back to the other side of the freakin' airport for a much deserved beer. What to do now???? It is 7:30 on a Sunday evening and all the stores in the airport are closing. Hmmm....I am a lookey loo. I like to piddle around in the shops and just look. I will occasionally find something I cannot live without or a souvenir for my dad that he just has to have. Soooo, what to do....what to do????

OK....I know you are wondering where the candid camera comes into play, well here it is. I made my way into bathroom #1, did my business and came out to wash my hands. I could not get any of the soap dispensers to work. I finally found one to spit the smallest dab of soap into my hand. I lather and then stick my hands under the motion sensored sinks. Nothing. I move to the next one. Nothing. There were 10 effin' sinks in that damn bathroom and 1 sink was working. I then move to the paper towel rack that is also....motion sensored. I move my hands in front of the little sensor thingy on the front. Nothing. I then move to the next one. Nothing. It is at this point. I said out loud. "What the hell, is this that damn Candid Camera or something?" As I look around the bathroom for a camera. I finally said screw it and just let them air dry.

Later, before the plane took off, I used another facility in the above mentioned airport. I again, had many of the same problems as before. But this time, just blamed it on faulty maintenance.


ummmhello said...

When things like that happen, I just put my head down and walk away. I know when I've been defeated!

Fiona said...

Sounds like Heathrow Terminal 4!!!!

I never travel without a) antibacterial hand gel (keep it small, very small for travel and b) disinfecting wet wipes.

I'm a product of surviving SARS. Never donned a mask but I sterilised my hands every time I touched anything *L*