Thursday, May 08, 2008

While I have you....

maybe someone could give me some thoughts on this one as well.

My youngest has decided that she cannot sleep alone in her bedroom anymore.

Her main worry is that she will not be able to go to sleep, and therefore, she will not get enough sleep and be tired the next morning. (Trust me, I know it is very confusing.)

She has been sneaking in her sisters room at night and sleeping on her top bunk. We cannot make her understand that she can sleep alone in her room, up until about a month ago everything was fine. She does not need someone to sleep in the same room with her.

Fast forward to last night. Cork went to a friends to sleepover and Ash about lost her mind. When we woke this morning, Dunnski opened the bedroom door and almost stepped on Ashes head. She was asleep in the hall, right outside our door.

I know she dreads going to school and she is not having a good year. But we seriously do not know what to do. Trying to reason with her does not work.

Any ideas?

**I was IM'ing with Twinkie after posting this and she brought up a very good point. She asked where Ash sleeps when she goes to her Dad's house. Her and her sister share a room when they visit him, so maybe that is where she has developed the feeling of needing someone in the same room with her? Thanks Twinkie!**

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ummmhello said...

My little one goes through the same thing. There are bunk beds in my older son's room, and my little one has a single bed in his own room. My rules are, I don't care WHERE you sleep, as long as you're in bed at bedtime!