Thursday, May 08, 2008

Any thoughts?

My 12 year old, almost a teenager, who thinks she is 18, has braces.

She has broken more brackets than I can count.

We had ANOTHER appointment last night with the orthodontist to have a missing bracket replaced. This one was in the very back and its absence caused her two front teeth to spread back apart a little bit. The little shit would not tell me how it came off, only that she just noticed it was gone one day. Yeah, right. But she managed to tell the orthodontist that it broke off while she was enjoying a piece of jolly rancher candy. Ahhh....Hello! Jolly Ranchers are not on the approved food list! (Every time I think of the approved food list....It reminds me of the Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Deb did not bring the T-ball snacks that were on the Approved Snack List. Too Funny!)

After her visit the doctor comes out to tell me that we have a problem. That Cork's teeth are not going to get any straighter if she keeps losing and breaking brackets. Duh! I know that!!!!! So, we talk a minute and she tells me that she has never had a patient with so many broken or missing brackets. That she must take this seriously or the braces cannot do their job....STRAIGHTEN HER TEETH!

At that moment I saw the look in the doctors eyes that I see in my own when I look in the mirror after trying to "talk" to my daughter.

She was at her wits end.

She was fit to be tied.

She was at a loss.

I told her to welcome to my world. I cannot follow my daughter (who is as tall as me) around all day and tell her what NOT to eat. She is a big girl.

Not to mention, that mouth full of metal is not cheap! So, here is my question, what do I do to scare the holy crap out of my daughter to get her to take this seriously!? The doctor and I did have one thought... that if we told her we would just take them off is she continued to not take care of them. But then I started thinking....hmmm, I am going to have to pay the same if they stay on or not. So, I am not sure about that one. I mean what if my daughter said one day, "you know Mom, I don't want braces anymore, lets just take them off." What would I do then???

Ugh....why do kids have to grow up? Why can't they stay little and cute forever?

One more thing. For those of you with little ones that will teenagers soon....buckle up.


ummmhello said...

NOW You're scaring me. My older son NEEDS braces. How old was your daughter when she got them put on? How long should they stay on typically??
I'd tell her if she keeps breaking the brackets, she'll end up wearing braces forever. Ask her if she wants to go to her senior prom in braces!

Gypsydoodlebug said...

Tell Cork she'll end up like ME -- a 32-year-old with a mouthful of metal. I've had mine on for nearly THREE YEARS with no end in sight. Does she really want to be a MOM IN BRACES WHEN HER DAUGHTER STARTS KINDERGARTEN? Oh noes, she does not.

I've broken a bunch, too, but my teeth are really small and they just don't stay on.

(Actually, this is my first time with them, but I still HATE them.)

Melinda Zook said...

Maybe you can search for some pics of some nasty looking people with really nasty looking teeth. Like look for the grossest of gross and make her look at them, maybe even hang them around the house, on the frig, in her back pack :)

Good luck!

Tracy said...

I totally feel your pain. My son keeps breaking his brackets and not telling me about it. I got majorly fussed out by the doctor who has threatened to remove the braces - (which I have responded to so positively!) I can't inspect his mouth every night nor can I control what he eats. I am tempted to just have them taken off but we have already spent so much money!