Friday, April 11, 2008

This is how I have been feeling

Friday night before we left for St. Louis, I had a kidney stone attack. We went to the ER, spent the normal 3-4 hours, found out that my stone was 7mm (way too big to pass) and was sent home to sleep off the drugs. I decided to go ahead with the trip, the pain was not as bad as on the onset, and I did have pain medication.

The trip was great! I am really glad we decided to go. We had a great time at the ballpark on Sunday and the Cardinals won. I almost had to auction off my good kidney to buy food for the kids once they started whining that they were hungry. Geeeezzz....ballpark food is EXPENSIVE.

The zoo in St. Louis is really interesting, they have so many animals that we do not have at the Louisville Zoo. The penguin exhibit is really cool, it is open and you walk through a really cold area where they are kept. You could touch them you were so close!

We went on the tour up inside the arch. This is a pic of Ash just as the elevator closed and started to move... The poor thing was scared to the death.

Oh, and the weather was awesome, we could not have asked for better weather. These two cute fella's were catching a nap in the warm sun.

Monday evening on the way home, I had another bad attack and we had to stop at a little hospital in Fairfield Illinois. It was so tiny, there were only two beds in the ER, but they took great care of me and in no time, we were back on the road again.

Tuesday I visited my Urologist and he decided that after reading my CT scan that I would need to have Lithotripsy on my left kidney. I thought I only had the one big stone, but apparently there is 3-4 more that are 2mm or larger. OUCH! So, next week, I am getting the crap beaten out of my kidney in hopes that it will break up all of these damn stones so I can pass them without so much agony.

I hate effin' kidney stones.


Gypsydoodlebug said...

OH NO! Looks like the trip was mega fun. My dad just had surgery on his kidney to remove a mass they thought was cancerous, but it wasn't!!

(((HUGS)) to your kidneys!!

ummmhello said...

Oh my gosh! Hope you get good results and can get through this kidney stuff without much more excruciating pain!
On the up side, looks like you had a great trip. Sounds like fun :)

Melinda Zook said...

Sorry to hear about the stones. That stinks! Good thing it didn't hold you back from enjoying your trip. Will keep fingers crossed that all goes well!

Fiona said...

Eeeeeeks poor you! I hope everything gets passed in as small a piece as is humanly possible!

I love that pic of the three of you...Ash's face is a picture *L*. Next trip Seattle Space Needle?