Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sore kidney

I had my surgery Thursday for my kidney stones. I am sore but I feel a lot better than I did, and the tube that was down my throat cut it up and it is very sore.

When I got to the hospital I was prepped for surgery by a male RN who had the bedside manner of barracuda. I was dehydrated from puking my guts up every day for a week so my veins were a little hard to find to draw blood. The lab nurse said that Mr. Barracuda would numb my vein before he started to dig in my arm to find a vein to not only put my IV in, but also to draw blood from. He didn't. He just went straight in. And it hurt like hell. He made me cry, I did not like him.

What I had done was Lithotripsy which is a noninvasive surgical procedure that uses shock, high energy waves to break up kidney stones into bits. My stone was 7 to 8mm, it was not coming out on its own. I am now passing very small pieces.

What I am so excited about is that he did not have to insert a stent in the tube between my bladder and kidney. I have had to wear a stent on 3 previous procedures. I can honestly say that having this stent inside of my body for 7 days was more painful than the actual passing of a kidney stone. Here is a picture of one:

And an x-ray of a stent inside of someone with multiple stones:
I told my doctor to do whatever he had to do so that I did not have to wear the stent again. He was only able to break up the bigger stone. He had to leave the smaller ones, I would have had the stent if he had broken up the rest of them.

Kidney stones suck.

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