Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The flu sucks big ones

I thought I had a cold until I went to the doctor today and found out I have the dreaded flu. AHHHH....HELLO!?!? I GOT A FLU SHOT!! I am not supposed to get the flu!!! After I left the doctor I spent almost two hours in two different pharmacies trying to get my three prescriptions filled. Not fun. Walgreen's had one in stock but not the other two. Meijer had 18/30 of one and had to call to get a replacement on another that insurance would not cover. Geeezzz....just give me my medicine already! The doctor did give me a note for two days off from work. When was the last time you can remember getting a note from the doctor as an adult?


Jessi said...

Flu does suck. We've been sick around here again too. Have lots of soup and rest and try to enjoy the days off!

ummmhello said...

Oh that's AWFUL! Get some rest! Hope you feel better soon.

Fiona said...

I just sat through a seminar on this very subject as Hong Kong went into panic mode last week.

The trouble with the flu vaccination this season is that they missed the target when putting it together.

To quote: "In the US, the CDC reported in Feb 2008 that the H1N1 component was a good match (96%) to the infections occurring. But 87% of the H3N2 are A/Brisbane/10/2007-like viruses, which is a recent antigenic variant of the vaccine strain, A/Wisconsin. And 93% of the B viruses are in a B/Yamagata lineage that is relatively distinct from the vaccine strain B/Victoria lineage. Only one of the three components was a good match; A/Wisconsin is moderately protective against the drifted A/Brisbane strain. This vaccine has been described as 40% effective compared to other years that have been 85-95% effective."

Get well soon!!!