Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Puppy Love

My eight year old daughter was asked out yesterday at school by her 'dream boy', Garrett. She has been smitten with him now for quite some time. She was so excited to tell me about him 'popping the question' while they were eating lunch. Here is how the conversation went down:

Her: "My dream boy asked me out today in lunch."

Me: "Oh really!"

Her: "Yup, it was Garrett!"

Me: "And what did you say??????"

Her: "I told him NO."

Me: "Good!"

Me: "By the way, where did he think you all would go if you would have said YES????"

Her: "Duh! To Arby's Mom!"

So, there you go. Arby's is obviously the new after school hangout for Elementary school kids who are 'dating'. Who knew???????


Gypsydoodlebug said...

OH NO! How do 8-year-olds even know how to hit on girls?

Ryan The Intern said...

Arby's. Nice. That's like the Ruth's Chris of fast foods.

ummmhello said...

They get to hang out after school???? My kids are picked up and go straight home, unless they have a play date scheduled already. No free time, no place to hang out, nothin', nada. Makes me feel bad for them.
Wouldn't Arby's make a great 1st date??

Charmed said...

I'm not sure who gets to hang out after school, but NOT my little one. My 12 yr old hasn't even gone out with a boy yet!