Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The bean counters are puttin' their party hats on!

Yes folks, today is the day, the Finance Department Annual Christmas party.

It will begin at lunch with pizza, good conversation and if we're lucky...a few cold ones, at The Louisville Pizza Company.

Then, stand back...cause we're hitting the lanes at Kingpin!

Half day off, lunch with friends, bowling in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. Hmmm....sounds like a great time to me!!


Gypsydoodlebug said...

Hangin' out in J-town! My neck of the woods!! We're a half-mile from LPC!

Charmed said...

Yes! A good time was had by all. I lost count on the number of pitchers of beer that were inhaled.

BTW - Bowling SUCKS. What a stupid sport!