Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Things that have been annoying me lately...

1. My work computer
2. Anytime my home phone rings
3. My ex-husband giving our 8 yr old daughter my CS check to her, for her to give me - real classy
4. Avril Lavigne
5. My left kidney
6. My dry hands and cuticles
7. Rude drivers, if I let you in front of me, please wave or nod. It is the polite thing to do.


Matt K. said...

Sounds like a good list.

Re #1: my "top-notch" work computer has been nothing but a royal headache from day one, and yet the person in charge of the tech purchases isn't admitting defeat. Why should he - he's not the one who has to use the bloody thing.

Re #2: do what I did. Go wireless and ditch the landline. It's not as bad as paying the two bills, surprisingly enough (but it could be my landline company was charging highway robbery rates).

Re #3: very unclassy. Aren't you glad you left him?

Re #4: ??? Please explain.

Re #5: hope it's nothing serious.

Re #6: cold weather is hard on the skin. Use good moisturizers.

Re #7: where I live, you have to be careful who you wave to... ;)

Jkeown 91* said...

I feel your pain...especially with the drivers..I wish there was a way to take it back after they don't wave.

Charmed said...

Matt: #4 - she just annoys the hell out of me, that's all.

Josh: Sometimes, I wish I drove a MONSTER TRUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

#3: Men just don't think about things before they do them. Was it at least in an envelope?

#4: Don't be mad at her for stealing songs! She has some great girl power tunes, though!

Charmed said...

Maria: #3 - NO, they are NOT in envelopes!

#4 - it is her voice. It is so whiney.