Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No! Still means no, even after asking me 37 times.

My darling 12 year old daughter wants a MySpace page/account, whatever the kids are calling it these days. Every time she asks, I tell her "no", but she doesn't seem to comprehend the meaning of that word. She has told me that I am not a "cool mom", and that I just don't understand the pressure she is under to have a MySpace. My favorite line she has used on me is "Why do you care so much about me to not let me have one?" See, ALL of her other friends, according to her, have one, so she needs one too. She really needs to stop, she is embarrassing herself at this point...tonight she told me that she needed it to "talk" to her friends. I told her to email her friends and she said that none of her friends had email addresses. Hmmm...so, I asked her how they had a myspace if they didn't have an email address?!?! She quickly replied that those were all "made up" email addresses. I am so over this conversation, I could throw up. Wait, I think I just did a little in my mouth, eeewwww.

She has a blog, but of course that is not good enough. No one her age has blogs! So, I told her to start a new trend at her school, get all of her friends blogging!! She just looked at me and rolled her eyes. That is a look I am seeing alot of these days.


Matt K. said...

"Made up" email addresses? Man - she really must think you're dumb... :) But didn't we all think that of our parents at a certain age? And what the hell is stopping her from using AIM or one of the countless other messaging systems to "talk" to her friends? (Or a freakin' phone, for that matter?)

It's the same reason why kids in the mid '70s had to have designer jeans with a particular brand on them, or Izod shirts with the Izod logo - fitting in with the "in" crowd.

If you really want her to get over the MySpace thing, take out your own MySpace page and post her baby pictures on it, threatening to link to all of her friends. Almost as good would be to agree to her getting an account - if and only if you got to keep the password, and she could only use it while you were around.

Personally, I don't see the big deal. I saw MySpace and I wasn't impressed.

Charmed said...

She is 12. She already has a laptop, cell phone, Yahoo messenger, an email address and a blog. I am drawing the line in the sand. You can't always have what you want.

JoshK said...

Keep her off the myspace!...It's the devil

Charmed said...

Josh: As Bartles & Jaymes says "thank you for your support!"