Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My kids love 'em...

Crocs that is. I have a pair myself and I have to admit they are comfy. But, ours are the Target brand, not the $30.00 name brand. They are an approved shoe for school as long as they have the strap in the back. Which, makes my mornings much easier, with my youngest who does not like tennis shoes...or socks. She can be a little stinker. Speaking of my little stinker, she is REALLY into the croc charms.

Which according to the crocs website, the proper name is, Jibbitz. At last count I think she had 12 on each shoe. She is the croc charm queen in her class!! And I must give props to Dunnski for finding a heckofa deal on a bag full of Jibbiz on ebay. They are great to use as bribes. And those of you with kids, you know what I am talking about!!

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Matt K. said...

Not only do Beth's girls love them, but she wears them to the dojo a lot as well! How funny is that?