Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Woman in Grey

Two gentlemen were working in a small Midwestern town's general store.
The store was quiet and no customers were shopping until she walked in.
A small frail woman dressed in grey entered the store, and proceeded toward the dairy section, saying nothing.
She picked up a glass container of milk, and without paying for it or even glancing at the gentlemen, walked out of the store.
The men, surprised by the woman's thievery, hurried out of the store after her...but she was gone.
The next day, the incident occurred again.
The same small woman dressed in the same grey dress entered the store, grabbed a glass container of milk, and left without paying.
Again the men tried to follow after her, but found her nowhere to be seen.
The very next day, the woman appeared once again.
The same small woman, dressed in the same grey dress, entered the store, paid no attention to the men, snatched a glass container of milk, and vanished out the door.
The men, slightly more prepared this time, quickly followed the woman out of the store.
She hurried down the town's main street and the men found themselves having to run to keep up with her.
She hastily turned down a dirt path, just at the edge of the woods.
This is where the men lost her.
They trekked on further and came to a small cemetery neither of them knew existed.
Suddenly, they heard a small noise.
Concentrating, they identified it as a baby's was coming from the ground.
The ground from which it was coming from was in front of a gravestone marking the death of a mother and her infant who were buried together.
The dirt was fresh and the ground was newly broken.
Unsure of what else to do, the men quickly found shovels and exhumed the coffin.
The crying became louder as they dug.
When they reached the coffin, they pried off the lid and inside found the small, grey-dressed woman...dead...with a live, crying infant in her arms...and three empty glass containers of milk. The poor child was mistakenly buried alive and the spirit of her deceased mother kept her alive until she was found.

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