Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not what I'd expected

to see when I got home this afternoon. My builder was at the house today when I left for work this morning. I thought he was going to fix the water problem in my basement. My house is only a year old. I walked in the doorway thru the garage earlier and what did I hear? The sound of running water!! OMG! I rush downstairs and there is one of those big blue storage containers (the ones you buy at Walmart to store crap in) catching the water. WTF? It is empty, how can that be? Water is running into it? Was the builder just here?? I find a flashlight and upon further inspection I see that he has poked a hole about the size of a quarter in the bottom corner of the container. The container is cleverly placed over an open spot on the top of the sump pump. So, you see where I am going with this??? When the water fills the bottom of the container, it empties into the sump pump. Short term solution - yes. Long term solution - hell no.

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the sidog said...

Just proves that builders the world over are all as bad as each other !