Saturday, October 27, 2007

A great day...

Dunnski and I headed down to Glendale, Ky yesterday. Wow, the trees are really starting to turn. It was a very nice drive down Interstate 65.

Our original intent was to dine at The Depot, but once we arrived we did a little shopping as well. Here is a picture of a really cute chair I found, the cushion is red checker pattern.

After walking around for a while we were starving, so we walked to the restaurant. The Depot was amazing. The food was spectacular, you can view their menu by clicking on the link above. Southern cuisine at its best. One note, the county the restaurant is located in is dry, so if you will want wine with your dinner, you will have to bring your own. I highly recommend you visit, if you live in the area, you will not be disappointed.


Matt K. said...

Aren't day trips great fun? It's been nearly a month since my last one, and I didn't get to do much sightseeing - I was there for a martial arts seminar.

Anonymous said...

Good scenery, good food, and good company....What more can you ask for? =)