Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why is everything is so difficult?

I refinanced my home at the first of the year. I was only paying money into my escrow account for annual taxes due at year end. I am paying my homeowners insurance through EFT from my checking account, which I have been doing for years, without a problem.

So, I get a statement from my mortgage company first of the week saying they had paid half of my escrow balance to my insurance company for my homeowners insurance policy. WAIT A MINUTE, HOLD THE PHONE!!! I call my insurance guy, who happens to a long time friend and who used to be our neighbor, our kids grew up together. He says, he has never seen anything like this before, he is not even sure how they knew what amount to pay, they were never sent a bill. He pulls up my account and sure enough I have a huge fricken' credit on my account. *sigh*

He calls C.S., and of course, gets a voice mail. He leaves a message and asks me to call the mortgage company and ask the "twerps" (his words, not mine) why in the hell they would have made this payment. I say to him "does it matter why, they have already done it, I need my money back." He says, "well, not really, but it will help me argue your case." So, I am now looking forward to spending who knows how much time on the phone with rude C.S. reps who I am sure would rather take a hot poker to the eye than have to talk to me.

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