Wednesday, September 05, 2007

O to the M to the G

I passed ANOTHER frickin' kidney stone yesterday. This one was so large, the ER staff was congratulating me on the birth of my little jagged bundle of misery. The only good part of the day were the back rubs by Dunnski and the shot of pain medicine in my I.V., that happened to be on top of my hand between my fingers. OUCH!!!!!!!!! I need a vacation.


Gypsydoodlebug said...

Jesus. Been there, done that. Drink my 10 glasses of effing non-flav water a day. Hope you're feeling better. We need to comiserate over martinis sometime (always good for the kids (neys) )!

Charmed said...

Thanks, I am up for an adult beverage anytime! After the ones I passed yesterday, I think I am on #15 since 1995. They really suck!