Sunday, September 02, 2007

Not HER again!

I settle in on the couch with a refreshing drink and Paula is on the Food Network, ahhhh. Then, SHE comes on, Giada. It is really hard for me to find anything wrong with this little tart, I mean look at her! So I have decided she has too many teeth in her mouth. Yes, you heard me, too many teeth. Look at that smile, can you count those teeth? I would, but I am watching her on TV too and I can't stand to look at a picture of her also.

I ask you, she looks like she really likes food. And she tries everything she makes. Is she gagging herself during the commercial breaks? Look at that figure, something is not right.


Voix said...

If you watch the show carefully, you'll notice she only eats one bite of everything she makes. That must be her secret.

If I were that thin I'd be hungry all the time.

MariaG097 said...

I second that, Charmed. She must be gagging herself on the breaks!!!

Gypsydoodlebug said...

Does she swallow? My bet is she takes that bite right before commercial breaks and then spits it out. Or pulls a Tracey Gold and "pretends" to eat it.