Monday, September 17, 2007

The clarinet...

My oldest had, had, HAD to have an e flat clarinet for her birthday, that was in late May. She plays a b flat clarinet in the school band now. Sooooo, I searched e-bay until I found one that looked good and I wouldn't have to donate a kidney to purchase. It came and she was excited, she took it to school and showed the band teacher, who was also excited. Then, one week later, school let out for the summer.

Fast forward three months to last week. I walk into the family room and she is practicing on the old, b flat clarinet. I ask her where the new one is, the one she HAD to have?!?! The following is our conversation, right before I called Our Lady of Peace and reserved me a bed for the week:

Me: "Where is the new clarinet?"

Her: "Oh, I can't play that one at school."

Me: "Why not?"

Her: "It doesn't sound like the others."

Me: "Okay, then when WILL you get to play it??"

Her: "If I ever join the Louisville Orchestra."

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