Friday, August 17, 2007

We just clicked...

Have you ever met someone that you have felt like you have known forever? I had a meeting today with a sales rep with a local vendor that I have used at work for quite some time. She is new to account, so this was our first meeting. I greeted her in the lobby and we agreed that we would lazily take the elevator instead of the one flight of stairs. Hey, we were both in heels!

Well, we get to my office and we were like two giddy teenage girls. We were talking about our kids, uniforms for school, pets, husbands (hers), ex-husbands (mine) and anything else that popped into our heads. We did spend a whole 3 minutes of her 1 1/2 hour visit talking about the product she sells. Oh well, in the next week or so, we plan on doing lunch.


MariaG097 said...

You make me feel that way! =)

Charmed said... are so sweet. I wish we were close enough to do lunch too!!

Twinkie said...