Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ummm....that's not your backpack...

I pick up my youngest after school at the YMCA everyday. When I arrived today, there was only Ash and one other little girl left to be picked up. The site director picked up Ash's backpack, a High School Musical 2 - I love Troy backpack, and threw it over his shoulder. I thought he was taking it to her, but as he walked closer to her, I realized he was not delivering her backpack to her. He had mistaken her bag for his. So, I said to this grown man, "come on, you don't love Troy too?" He didn't get it, and then Ash said, Mr. Josh, you have my bag! He kindly handed over my daughters crush at the moment and then he asked her which High School Musical she liked the best, 1 or 2. He preferred 1, her preference was 2.

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