Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Power of Touch

I have been wanting to post something about "the power of touch." I was reading Fiona's blog tonight and she posted her own thoughts on the same subject earlier in the month.

My circumstance is a little different than Fiona's, I was touched and hugged as a child but not as an adult. I was married for almost 14 years in an almost non-affectionate marriage. After a while, you just grow cold and used to the numbness. You don't even miss it really, I mean, how can you miss something you don't have.

I have been in a relationship for several months with a man that I adore. And until I knew his touch, I didn't know what love was. I need to be touched and hugged, some days more than others. I think Fiona said it perfectly:

"We touch each other with complete love and adoration. We cherish each other's body. It's impossible for us to be close and not to touch. And if we're not close enough to touch, we move towards each other without even thinking. We touch as friends, we touch as lovers, we touch as life mates. Our language is that of touch. We fold into each other's body when we begrudgingly give ourselves up to sleep. I have discovered the power of touch, the incredible feelings of intimacy just a brush of fingers across the back of a hand can bring. He loves every inch of me, as I love every inch of him. From the intimacy of our touch, we are thriving."


Fiona said...

I'm so glad you've found the love you need. And as for touching...YAYYYYYYYYY :)

Charmed said...

Fiona: Thank you for your inspiration.