Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's going to a long 2 1/2 years...

Cork came home today with her braces! She was so excited. She went to the kitchen and made herself a sandwich, which she couldn't eat, so she just threw it away. OMG! I could have eaten that. Please, don't waste food! So, then she then decides to try ravioli, that is a little easier to chew. She is having problems eating because they put two big globs of glue in her two back top teeth so her teeth wouldn't touch. But it also makes it a little difficult for her to chew. As she is finishing her ravioli, one of the colored bands across the front falls out. She has pink and green along the front, SO CUTE! Then, she is watching TV and one of the brackets falls off. YES, I said brackets!! I call the orthodontist and the nice lady that answers the phone, says "Now, did she eat something off the unapproved food list?" I bit my tongue and said "No, she has only had them for 30 minutes!" She then tells me they have no appointments today they are overbooked and they can see her in the morning. I am so excited!


Gypsydoodlebug said...

OK, I've had mine on for 20 months, with no ending in sight. Here's some stuff to try for her -- you probably already have a list, but here are my favorites after an adjustment -- the point is to just be able to suck it down w/o chewing (much):

• Spaghetti-Os (plain)
• Spaghetti (use a pair of kitchen shears to cut into small pieces)
• refried beans w/ salsa & sour cream
• cheese enchiladas
• egg drop soup
• Manwich (no bun; after cooking the hamburger, let it cool and then crumble finely using your hands. It can be swallowed whole.moll)
• squash
• cottage cheese
• pudding

I'm sure I can come up with some more...

I absolutely hate ortho gives me Xanax before my adjustment. I'm such a baby.

Charmed said...

I could use a Xanax right now.

Thanks for the food tips, I will try them. We got the bracket back on this morning. Took the orthodontist all of 5 minutes!

I feel for her dad, he has her and her sis until Monday night. Cork with her braces and her sis with a bladder infection. Good times.