Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm gonna lose it!

If my 12 year old looks at me one more time and says...WHATEVER!! I have tried to warn her that if she doesn't stop, she may have to see my best Joan Crawford impersonation. And, you know, I have never liked wire hangers either, scary!

In other news, I went to the tanning bed after lunch today. I had a free upgrade to the "instant bed", Yoo Hoo!! My skin is now a nice 238 degrees and stinging like a school of jelly fish just had their way with me.

Taa taa for now, must find aloe vera gel or sit in a bathtub full of ice water.


Voix said...

I would threaten her with extra chores every time you hear the word.

Offense 1) Clean the refrigerator.

Offense 2) Scrub the shower.

3) Yard work in the heat. . .


Charmed said...

Yes, that might work, but she is already doing extra chores to pay off the cell phone overage for the 227 text messages on her last cell phone bill.

I need other ways to make her miserable...

corkie said...

god ur harsh mama.