Friday, August 17, 2007

I swear I am NOT making this stuff up!!!

My Mom left work early today to go get the stupid bunnies and take them to the vet. Well, she gets home and drives back to the barn where I took them last night and they are gone!! They door to the cage is open. The little shits escaped! About that time, my sister-in-law rides up on their golf cart with my oldest and her daughter, Kayla that just got off the bus. They freak out and start riding around looking for them. And guess what? They find both of them!! Now, there is no telling how long they had been out of the cage. The brown one, bit my sister-in-law twice, and she still captured it and brought it back home. They just called me and they are now in the process of building them separate cages made of wood. She can't stand to see the girls upset over giving them away. I am just upset over the idea of the damn things gettin' it on and maybe having baby bunnies to take care of too. *sigh*

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