Monday, August 06, 2007

I knew something would go wrong...

Have you ever had a morning where everything just went right? Well, that was my morning. I woke up feeling good and I was having a really good hair day. I was even able to eat some breakfast at home, which I am never able to do. My kids got up on the second try and they didn't fight ANY! I was even going to be a little early for work this morning. I had everyone and everything in the car and ready to go, and then...the car won't start. It coughs and then it clicks. AAAAGGGHHHHHH. I'm thinking it's a dead battery, but it does have 270k miles on it, so it could be a number of things. And yes, it is a Toyota.

Now, I did get two vehicles in the divorce, but the other doesn't have air conditioner, and it is going to be 98 today. I have jumper cables, but the car is pulled facing the front of the garage and square in the middle. So, unless I have some that are like, 25 feet long, I am out of luck. So, I decide, what the hell, it is only 81 at the moment, with the windows down on the way to work it will be fine. Now the drive home will be a different story, but at least I will be on my way home. And, remember the good hair day I said I was having? Well, not anymore, by the time I got to work, all the curls were gone.

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