Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grab yourself a cup of joe, this may take a while...

I woke up sick this morning, actually I went to bed not feeling well last night. My oldest set her alarm and had herself ready and was waiting for the bus with her cousin and a neighbor by 7:15. Her little sis and I, still asleep. I really felt like crap. I finally got out of bed at 8:30, the little one had to be at school at 9:00. Hmm...I know, I was cutting it close, but hey we got to school with 4 whole minutes to spare. As we are walking in to school I notice several pools of throw up in the front lawn and on the sidewalk...YUCK. Ohhh, to be a kid again, NOT!!

I am lucky enough to be 2nd in line at the ICC. Only to hear that the DR is running late today, he isn't even in the building. Ugh, I have a sinus and an ear infection. No wonder my head has been hurting.

I then head to the courthouse to get my two vehicles transferred into my name only. Well, I forgot that I was dealing with the government. My insurance cards had my ex's name on them, there was a problem with the VIN #'s not being typed on a document and another problem that I was luckily able to take care of with a phone call.

I left the courthouse and made a quick stop at the grocery. I get home from the grocery and I get a call from a vets office saying they can take the bunnies this afternoon, I need to bring them now. So, I quickly put the cold things away and head to the basement to retrieve the critters. This where it gets interesting. Every time I open the cage, the little shits run from me. So, I try everything I can think of to get them to come to me. They hate me. I finally catch the brown one and drop it in a deep basket. When I turned to catch the white one, the brown one jumped out of the basket. I then spent the next 3 to 4 hours, I lost count, chasing that damn bunny. I really hate that damn bunny now. I really didn't like it before, I REALLY don't like it now. I waited until the girls got home, they couldn't catch it either. Bunnies are rather quick when they don't want to be caught. So, I did what anyone would do...I called Dad. Before my Dad came, my niece ran over. You know, my oldest BFF - Kayla!! I told her my story and she walks down in the basement and immediately comes back up carrying the little shit. She just walked down there and picked her up. I bet you are wondering how I know it is a SHE. Well, let me tell you. Kayla puts the bunny in the cage with the white one, and we are all standing looking at them. And the white one mounts the brown one and takes off. I thought I was going to die. The two older girls knew what was happening. My youngest didn't have a clue. Maybe I should let her teacher put her in the "blue group" after all. I certainly don't want her telling her new teacher THAT story.


Matt K. said...

Sounds like one of those days where you have to laugh to keep from crying. Good story.

Twinkie said...

Heh heh. Bunnies.