Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gardens and Guns?

I'm IM'ing with Dunnski last night and he tells me he received a free copy of a magazine in the mail, and I won't believe the name...Gardens and Guns. My mouth literally dropped open, I didn't have a clue what might be in this magazine. So, this morning he brings it to me. I was very pleasantly surprised. This is what the website for the magazine has to say...

"Like the South today, Garden & Gun will be rooted in tradition and history but vibrant with energy and newness.

At the heart of Garden & Gun is a love for the outdoors - upland bird hunting, gardening, fishing, sailing, equestrian sports and conservation. From a look at Jefferson's plans for Monticello's gardens to a trout fishing expedition on the Soque River to a visit inside Hemingway's Cuba, extravagant and lush photography combine with precise and compelling articles to reveal the seductions of the South and the Caribbean. It reflects the lives of modern Southern men and women and inspires us to enjoy the fruits of the land while preserving the natural resources for the future."

It has received mixed reviews from the NY Times and this chick named Susan from Garden Rant. Wow, did she ever rant! Then she actually checked out the magazine and recanted her ranting. I don't think I will be getting a subscription just yet, but I will take any free copies they want to send my way!


just me said...

that's an amazing band name.

Megs said...

Lol...hey, the cover mentions Asheville! I was just there for a few hours lol