Friday, August 03, 2007

Dunnski and my youngest are playing a Mario game on the Wii.

She sees this little dude, and loses her mind!! She adores him, she has to have him. She is so in love with him, she can hardly finish the game. I am now searching eBay for a plush Toad. Shhhh....Don't tell her there is also a girl Toad!


Matt K. said...

Cute lil' buggers, ain't they? ;-) (And they don't poop like rabbits!!)

Charmed said...

Yes, he is very cute, after I posted this, Dunnski said he wanted one too! Back to Ebay!!!!

Matt K. said...

Wanna make Dunnski really happy (or weirded out), get him the mushroom hat to wear! (Imagine your youngest's reaction!)