Friday, August 24, 2007

Damn, that hurt!

We headed out to lunch today and I am, of course, wearing my super cute American Eagle wedge sandals. I open the door to Dunnski's car and I MUST have stepped on a rock or uneven pavement, because my right ankle turned inward and down I went. Straight down, between the car door and the seat. Just in case you are wondering, Grace is not my middle name. I now have a knot on the top of my ankle and my knee is burning. But, I am glad to report the sandals were not harmed in anyway during my tumble.


Jessi said...

This sounds like something I would do. But I have a good philosophy when I do dumb things in front of people: If they don't know me, they can't see me. It makes me feel better.

Charmed said...

:-( Torn ligaments in my foot and a bruised butt bone. Ouch.