Monday, July 23, 2007

You were the one gettin' fancy with the spices!

Ratatouille is a very cute movie and a must see. The animation is spectacular. It was a treat for the birthday girl, movie with Dunnski and Mom. Of course she had to have a hot dog, a $3.50 coke and some of my pretzel (she calls it a prentzil). Sigh, soon she won't want to watch cartoons or sit in my lap. But for now, I am enjoying my baby while I still can.

I have to say, I am not a big fan of the rodents, but Remy does grow on you. Although, I didn't like it when there was 300 of them scampering around though, eeesshhhh.

I just have to keep asking myself, why does Colette remind me so much of Mulan???


Megs said...

While I enjoyed the movie it seriously felt like the longest animated movie ever, and I was definitely creeped out by the large number of rodents...

Charmed said...

YES!! It was long and the rodents were very jeepers creepers!!

Matt K. said...

Colette does have a passing resemblance to Mulan - but a way bigger schnoz. And her hair is more center-parted, while Mulan's is off-center.

As far as "why the resemblance?", could it have something to do with Pixar now being a wholly owned subsidiary of Disney?

(Trivia: Pixar actually began life as the animation division of Lucasfilm. Lucas decided at the time he didn't want to get into animation, and sold it to Apple, which spun it off, but Steve Jobs stayed on the board. Now, Lucas is creating an animated Star Wars TV series for release next year - I bet they're wishing they still had Pixar on the roster...)