Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ladies, have I got a mascara for you!

It is L'Oreal's new Telescopic mascara. It will take your lashes from microscopic to telescopic! Oh my, that was a little cheesy, huh! But, this stuff is really great! I have been looking for a good mascara for so long I can't even remember the last time I was this excited, over makeup, that is. So what makes this different? It's the brush!

It’s just as long in length as any standard mascara brush, but it is noticeably a lot thinner. If you look at the end of the wand you can see a ‘star shape’ as the brush has what L’Oreal states is a ‘Precision Multi Comb’ – i.e. it consists of four rows of very small combs, forming the ‘star shape’. As the comb is so very skinny, it enables me to reach even the tiniest of lashes into the very corners of my eyes. I have to say, that before I used this product, I wasn’t aware that I even had so many tiny lashes in the corner of my eyes. The comb is extremely flexible and at first glance it appears to be quite flimsy. Once you start to use it, however, you find that it’s actually quite robust. It separates and defines as no other mascara I have ever used. And trust me, I have used several. It doesn't flake during the day and I have not had any raccoon eyes to report.

For removal, I use Mary Kay eye makeup removal and it comes off in a snap. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves their lashes!


Twinkie said...

SOLD! I have a lot of trouble with mascara, as well. My lashes are short. :-(

Dunnski Love said...

I am sorry I doubted the significance of this most excellent discovery. My apologies.

Jessi said...

My two boys have nice long pretty lashes. Me? not so much. I may have to try this.