Saturday, July 14, 2007

I wish I could've done more

I ran into our local Goodwill store this afternoon to hunt for treasures. As I was looking around a young girl about 10-12 years old came in and started looking on a top rack of bras and panties. She grabs one and asks me if I can show her where to find the size. I show her that it is always in the back strap by the hooks. She said she was finally able to wear a bra and this was her first one, I can tell she was so excited about her purchase. She looks back at me and says that she can't reach them very well, because they were on a top shelf in a bin. So, I started to pretend to look through them moving the ones I thought she would like to the front, so she could get to them. And then she says this "I wish you could buy bras at the store". I stopped and looked at her and asked her what she meant. She said her Mama told her they didn't sell bras in her size at the store that they could only get them there. My heart sunk. I then asked her what size she thought she thought she wore. She said she wore 34a, but she would have to get 36a because her and sister would have to share a bra. My heart sunk even more. She picked out a couple and ran to show her Mom. I looked up at the sign to see how much the bras were - .25 cents. I had two quarters in my pocket, I saw her coming back. I quickly laid the quarters on the ground for her to find when she returned. I stayed in my spot so my plan would work. She came around the corner and said one of the bras we had chosen was not to her Mom's liking. So, as we started to look again, she spotted the change on the floor, she was so excited! She was so funny, she of course wanted the bra that looked like it came from Victoria's Secret, but we found one that was a sports/training bra that worked just fine. I felt so bad for this little girl, I wanted to just grab her and hug her so tight and tell her everything would be OK, but I couldn't. When she finally walked away, I said bye and so did she, and I was very sad.


Matt K. said...

Running into heart-wrenching situations like that can be difficult, I know - but I think what you did was utterly outstanding. You found a way to be charitable to her and boost her self-esteem without damaging her pride. The only thing I could have thought of to "do more" might have been to introduce yourself to her mother. Perhaps nothing would have come of it, or perhaps you might have been able to befriend her and find other opportunities to help in little ways to make their lives easier. But that doesn't in the least take away from the most excellent way you helped that young girl.

Brava, and I tip my hat to you.

Twinkie said...

Wow! What an awesome opportunity. You made the most of it. Bless her heart!

Megs said...

Awww. You definitely did the best thing you could do, and in a way that wouldn't embarass her or her mother!!!