Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I laughed so hard...

My oldest left tonight for a trip to TN with some friends of ours. This, of course, makes my youngest feel that the world has turned against her. She announced to me earlier in the evening that her sister is "The Princess" and she is "The Ugly Chore Person". Now, that is completely NOT true! She just doesn't understand that she is 7 and her sister is 12. Her sister can do a lot of things that she cannot.

So, fast forward a couple of hours and we are taking out the garbage. Which, at our house is a chore. We have to haul the cans about 800 ft to the spot where the garbage gets picked up. So, picture it, me and my 7 year old dragging garbage cans through the field to the road. She is whining and telling me how hard it is. Now, I didn't ask her to help, she volunteered, and I gave her the lightest can. We are almost there and she announces to me that she is all sweaty and she smells like...beef jerky! Now, I was totally NOT expecting her to say this, so I am laughing so hard that I dump my can of trash. I am glad she went with me, she made the trip well worth it.


Matt K. said...

Kids do have a funny perspective at times - and they aren't afraid to express it, albeit with some wacky inaccuracies every now and then.

Twinkie said...

Enjoyed this post. Our girls do have a flair for the dramatic, no?