Saturday, July 28, 2007

I hate Nextel...

So, I have had Nextel now for about three years. I only signed up for the service because my ex had the service through his work and it had the cool "walkie talkie" feature, and his work paid for his bill. I NEVER liked the stupid phones. First of all, they are NOT cute. They have to be the ugliest phones in the world! And they have around 5 of these damn ugly things for you to choose from. Btw, have I mentioned I am not crazy about Nextel? Second, their customer support, SUCKS! I know that in today's world, you are really asking a lot for good or even half-way decent customer service, but these people are really bad at their job. So, the phone I have now, I have had for a little over a year. It is so bad, it won't hold a charge, so I bought a new battery. Did that help? No. It had a camera on it that took REALLY bad pictures. This afternoon, I could not take it anymore! Dunnski and I took off to find me another phone!! There is literally a phone store about every 3 blocks. So we went to a couple and I wasn't "paying" for my new phone. I wanted a free phone!

This is what we finally found at the Verizon store. It is perfect, exactly
what I wanted. I didn't need the camera, that I had used 4 times in the year and a half with the other phone. Sure, I could have went with the pink, lime green or red phone. But I like blue, so blue it is. And it is really small and light. I am very happy with my "free" phone (with two year agreement).

I even asked if I would have the "network" following me around after I left - the sales guy just snickered and said they would catch up with me later. I keep looking over my shoulder, haven't seen them yet.

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