Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am begging you...

Please, for the love of humanity, go to this site and sign this petition. I have missed them for so long. I need them. I will buy them in bulk. I will hide these from my children. Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cork and Ash,

You both mean the world to me. I am so sorry this has hurt you like it has. If I could take that hurt from you, I would in a second. I know this is very hard to understand now, but one day it will be easier. I tried very hard to make it work, please know that. But what I need for you to know now is, everything will be OK, I will make sure of it. You can trust me and depend on me until the end of time. I love you both more than you will ever know.


Monday morning tips...

#1. Don't iron while nude. Especially if you are using the steam option on your new iron. Despite earlier studies, steam burns on your yoohoo really are very painful. Trust me.

#2. Don't ever buy bunnies for pets. Trust me.

#3. If you are writing with a ball point pen and the ink suddenly stops, lick the tip of the pen. I know, it sounds yucky, but it works. Trust me.

#4. Don't take a shower or bath during a thunderstorm. If lightning struck the house, it could kill you. I know, you are thinking, what are the odds?? But hey, do you really want to die that way???

#5. You (or, I) have to actually use the dusty treadmill, in the basement, for me to notice any significant weight loss. I really hate that @*%$)(#) treadmill.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

How to tick ME off at a Bats game...

Sit behind me and talk really loud about how bad the home team is and slap your score book on the chair in front of you like, every 3 minutes. Oh yeah, and offer an unwelcome commentary on every play. OMG - shut up already!!

Holy crap, he just went to pee and asked me to watch his thunder sticks and foam fingers!!! What the hell????? At least while he is gone, he isn't talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, not to us anyway, I feel sorry for the poor chap next to him in the bathroom.

I have found a wonderful place called Salon Delonjay. They offer an entire range of services for both men and women. I stumbled upon them last Thursday, desperately needing an eyebrow wax and a manicure.

I was a walk in on my lunch hour and they were able to squeeze me in for both services that I needed. I do have to say, the manicure that I received from the nail tech, Alla, was the best manicure I HAVE EVER HAD! Not only was it relaxing and the perfect french manicure; she has her own private room, and it was so quiet and no interruptions or people watching you.

It is Saturday night and I am at the Bats double header game, blogging, I know, I have a sickness. And my nails are STILL perfect. I will be back to see Alla, she has promised me a discount on a pedicure.

I hate Nextel...

So, I have had Nextel now for about three years. I only signed up for the service because my ex had the service through his work and it had the cool "walkie talkie" feature, and his work paid for his bill. I NEVER liked the stupid phones. First of all, they are NOT cute. They have to be the ugliest phones in the world! And they have around 5 of these damn ugly things for you to choose from. Btw, have I mentioned I am not crazy about Nextel? Second, their customer support, SUCKS! I know that in today's world, you are really asking a lot for good or even half-way decent customer service, but these people are really bad at their job. So, the phone I have now, I have had for a little over a year. It is so bad, it won't hold a charge, so I bought a new battery. Did that help? No. It had a camera on it that took REALLY bad pictures. This afternoon, I could not take it anymore! Dunnski and I took off to find me another phone!! There is literally a phone store about every 3 blocks. So we went to a couple and I wasn't "paying" for my new phone. I wanted a free phone!

This is what we finally found at the Verizon store. It is perfect, exactly
what I wanted. I didn't need the camera, that I had used 4 times in the year and a half with the other phone. Sure, I could have went with the pink, lime green or red phone. But I like blue, so blue it is. And it is really small and light. I am very happy with my "free" phone (with two year agreement).

I even asked if I would have the "network" following me around after I left - the sales guy just snickered and said they would catch up with me later. I keep looking over my shoulder, haven't seen them yet.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't wait up...

The Great Dunnski (I can't believe, I am still calling him that!), and I have a hot date tonight! We are headed to the Kentucky Derby Museum to be wined and dined. I am very excited, although dinner won't be served until 9:00. We may have to eat a little something before we go.

Oh, and I got myself a new dress for the occasion. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It is lined and very pretty, and comfortable. It is black with white polka dots, very cute!

A little flirty, but not too much. It fits me a little different, I have a little more up top than the model in the picture!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh, Michael...

One day, I hope to be in that audience!!

How to make a grilled cheese sandwich...

So, I am at work (swamped) and the phone rings, it is my oldest asking me how to make a grilled cheese sammy. I say to her in my "Honey, I am really busy right now" voice, "can't you eat something else?" She says, she can't. I try to get her to use the panini machine, but she says she has to have more than just cheese on a sammy for it to be a panini. My head hurts. So, she then goes through all of the ingredients with me, bread, butter, cheese...oh yeah, how do you turn on the oven? Oh my, it's the stove, honey. So we finally figure out which knobby thing works which burner, by seeing which one turns red!! She opens the fridge and says that we have no cheese, now I know we have cheese. I tell her to look up and to her right, she then asks me if I can see her. Yes, that is what I said, my 12 year old asks me if I can see her! I told her that I could not see her, I just knew where the cheese was!! Then she butters all 4 sides of the bread. Hmmmm....that's not right, so we start again. Ahhhh....I am so busy, but I don't want her to harm herself or burn our house down! Oh, I've got it, I can transfer her call to Dunnski! He can talk her through it!! So, the transfer goes through and the story gets better. As the first one is cooking she is looking for a can of soup and burns it. So, she makes another one and burns it too. Finally the Great Dunnski talks her into using the Panini machine! If she had only listened to her mother in the first place. So, she finally gets her sandwich and turns all appliances off. He hangs up as she is warming up her soup. But, did she put in a bowl, she isn't warming it up in the can, is she??? Oh my, I may need to call home.

Out of the mouths of babes!

We sit down for dinner last night, and my youngest asked me a question. I can't even remember what the question was now, but that isn't important. My answer to her "question" was a "NO", of course. And she says to me "why can't you be like the Mom on Zack and Cody?" I looked at her and asked her what she was talking about! She then says to me "she always says, sure honey, go ahead, not a problem", when her kids ask her to do something, and then she smiled at me. I said to my darling, sweet daughter, that's because those aren't her real kids and it is in the script for her to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun Things To Do At Wal-Mart

1. Ride those little electronic cars at the front of the store.
2. Set all the alarm clocks to go off at ten minute intervals throughout the day.
3. Re-dress the mannequins as you see fit.
4. Walk up to an employee and tell him in an official tone, “I think we’ve got a Code 3 in Housewares,” and see what happens.
5. Tune all the radios to a polka station; then turn them all on and turn the volumes to “10”.
6. Play with the automatic doors.
7. Walk up to complete strangers and say, “Hi! I haven’t seen you in so long!...” etc. See if they play along to avoid embarrassment.
8. Ride a display bicycle through the store; claim you’re taking it for a “test drive.”
9. Play soccer with a group of friends, using the entire store as your playing field.
10. Put M&M’s on layaway.
11. Set up a tent in the camping department; tell others you’ll only invite them in if they bring pillows from Bed and Bath.
12. Ask other customers if they have any Grey Poupon.
13. Drape a blanket around your shoulders and run around saying, “...I’m Batman. Come, Robin—to the Batcave!”
14. Randomly throw things over into neighboring aisles.
15. When two or three people are walking ahead of you, run between them, yelling, “Red Rover!”
16. Make up nonsense products and ask newly hired employees if there are any in stock, i.e., “Do you have any Shnerples here?”
17. Dart around suspiciously while humming the theme from Mission: Impossible.
18. Attempt to fit into very large gym bags.
19. Attempt to fit others into very large gym bags.
20. Say things like, “Would you be so kind as to direct me to your Twinkies?”
21. Set up a “Valet Parking” sign in front of the store.
22. Two words: “Marco Polo.”
23. Leave Cheerios in Lawn and Garden, pillows in the pet food aisle, etc.
24. When an announcement comes over the loudspeaker, assume the fetal position and scream, “No, no! It’s those voices again!”
25. Pay off layaways fifty cents at a time.

courtesy of JoeK.com

Monday, July 23, 2007

You were the one gettin' fancy with the spices!

Ratatouille is a very cute movie and a must see. The animation is spectacular. It was a treat for the birthday girl, movie with Dunnski and Mom. Of course she had to have a hot dog, a $3.50 coke and some of my pretzel (she calls it a prentzil). Sigh, soon she won't want to watch cartoons or sit in my lap. But for now, I am enjoying my baby while I still can.

I have to say, I am not a big fan of the rodents, but Remy does grow on you. Although, I didn't like it when there was 300 of them scampering around though, eeesshhhh.

I just have to keep asking myself, why does Colette remind me so much of Mulan???

Just in case you were wondering...

those damn bunnies are still pooping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Things We Have Learned From The Movies

1. All grocery shopping bags contain at least one stick of French Bread.

2. Once applied, lipstick will never rub off—even while scuba diving.

3. The ventilation system of any building is the perfect hiding place. No one will ever think of looking for you in there and you can travel to any other part of the building you want without difficulty.

4. You’re very likely to survive any battle in any war unless you make the mistake of showing someone a picture of your sweetheart back home.

5. Should you wish to pass yourself off as a German officer, it will not be necessary to speak the language. A German accent will do.

6. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from any window in Paris.

7. If a large pane of glass is visible, someone will be thrown through it before long.

8. If being chased through town, you can usually take cover in a passing St. Patrick’s Day parade—at any time of the year.

9. When paying for a taxi, don’t look at your wallet as you take out a bill—just grab one at random and hand it over. It will always be the exact fare.

10. Kitchens don’t have light switches. When entering a kitchen at night, you should open the fridge door and use that light instead.

11. If staying in a haunted house, women will investigate any strange noises in their most revealing underwear.

12. Word processors never display a cursor on screen but will always say: Enter Password Now.

13. Mothers routinely cook eggs, bacon and waffles for their family every morning even though their husband and children never have time to eat it.

14. Cars that crash will almost always burst into flames.

15. A single match will be sufficient to light up a room the size of Wembley Stadium.

16. Medieval peasants had perfect teeth.

17. Although in the 20th century it is possible to fire weapons at an object out of our visual range, people of the 23rd century will have lost this technology.

18. Any person waking from a nightmare will sit bolt upright and pant.

19. It is not necessary to say “hello” or “goodbye” when beginning or ending phone conversations.

20. All bombs are fitted with electronic timing devices with large red readouts so you know exactly when they’re going to go off.

21. It is always possible to park directly outside the building you are visiting.

22. When a person is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head, they will never suffer a concussion or brain damage.

23. No one involved in a car chase, hijacking, explosion, volcanic eruption, or alien invasion will ever go into shock.

24. You can always find a chainsaw when you need one.

25. Any lock can be picked by a credit card or a paper clip in seconds—unless it’s the door to a burning building with a child trapped inside.

26. An electric fence, powerful enough to kill a dinosaur will cause no lasting damage to an eight year old child.

27. Television news bulletins usually contain a story that affects you personally at that precise moment.

Looks like a Wal-mart, smells like a Wal-mart...

By golly, it is a Wal-mart!!! Dunnski and I just got back from my first trip to the brand spanking new Wal-mart that is a whole 2 minutes from work! Which for me, is totally awesome. (Did I just say, totally awesome?) I do love my Wal-mart. The only bad thing is they have 47 registers and only 3 open everytime you go in!! What is up with that?? And they are scrambling to find a line for everyone to get into. I want to just scream "OPEN ALL OF THESE LANES AND THERE WON'T BE A PROBLEM"! Today, we were forced to check out in the jewelry department. I don't think the little old lady in jewlery was trained to check out groceries, but we made it.

I know, there are plenty of Wal-mart haters in the world, but there are plenty of other things for me to throw my hatred toward. Like people who drive with those little round glass balls hanging from their rear view mirrors, that catch the sun and blind the person behind them!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhoo, that is another blog entry, back to my story. I mean, come on!! Where else can you go and buy... tires for you car, groceries, pick up a prescription, a toy to shut your kid up, a gallon of paint, dog food, a microwave, king size sheets and tooth paste! And when you are done with that, you can go to the bank, get your nails done and get lunch on your way out the door. Yeah, I heart Wal-mart.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Poopie everywhere!

I had to stop getting ready for the b-day party to make a quick post. The girls came home last night with their new bunnies. I have NO clue what to do with them, so for now they are in the garage. So, I open the door to take some garbage out and there is little bunny poopie pellets EVERYWHERE!! How in the world could these two small little creatures need to go that much! Geez...I have a headache.

I was searching for a nice picture to go along with my quick bunny story. But instead, I found this one. It made me laugh. It will do just fine!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I didn't know she had it in her!

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this song by Fergie. I do like her, but this one is not like her other music, gansta rappish with 37 different cuss words. Although when the song first started, I thought she was Boy George in that hat.

And, her choice in men in real life is much better than in the video!

Hellooooooo, Mr. Ferguson

This is so NOT right...but funny!!!!!

Sometimes, I ask myself, what would Mike Rowe do?

And it doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes. ;-)

Half off Honeybaked ham!?!?

OK, my 7 yr olds birthday is this weekend and I am struggling with the "what do we have to eat" question. Then, this morning, Dunnski (who is so awesome) sends me an IM and tells me that The Honeybaked Ham store is having a 50% sale. Yes, I said 50% sale!!! So, I look at the coupon very closely to see what the "catch" is. AHHHA, I don't see KY on the coupon as a participation state. NEWMAN!!!! So, I called the store near me to see if they would honor the coupon anyway. JACKPOT, THEY WILL!! On my lunch I head to the nearest honey ham haven. At first, I was only thinking I would purchase the ham. But then I asked the sales lady if "everything" was half off and she leaned in and whispered "yes". Apparently they were honoring the sale, but not advertising the sale. So, I thought, they DO have desserts, sides and bread here, and it IS half off. So, I bought a 9lb ham, 2 types of bread, 1 lb of cheddar, 1lb provolone, large side of pasta salad, large side of baked beans, Derby Pie, Chocolate Mousse Cake (feeds 20!), black bean salsa and honey mustard sauce. Are you sitting down?? All for $59!! The sale is only today and tomorrow, the 20th and 21st. If you like honeybaked ham you must go!!!! Just make sure you call ahead first to make sure your store is aware of the promotion, and if not, they can call their HQ to confirm before you make a wasted trip.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's in a word?

Two more critters!!!

My girls have been with their dad this week. When he brings them home on Friday they will each have a friend with them, a rabbit. Their dad is really good about telling them they can have things - like the two cats he got them back in November, right before we separated. Even though I am VERY allergic to cats. I waited until January to have both of them fixed and given their shots. It wasn't cheap!! Three days after the surgery, the boy cat ran away. I think he was mad his manhood had been cut off a few days earlier.

So, when my oldest called Tuesday begging me for the rabbit, I said "let me talk to your dad". I tried to explain to him that he needed to talk them out of getting the bunny. They have enough animals, 2 dogs and a cat, we don't need anymore. He said "I will try". Later that night, I got a call from my girls saying they loved their bunnies. Yes, I said bunnies. Plural. Two bunnies. I said, "let me talk to your dad". He said that he couldn't tell them no, they were crying and my youngest bought her bunny with her birthday money. Ahhhhh......I don't care who paid for it....I still have TWO BUNNIES! So, my oldest then tries her darndest to talk me into letting the bunnies live in my basement. Ha Ha Ha, that is NEVER going to happen. I then told her the bunnies could live in one of the barns, to which she replied "ugh, that is to far to walk". I think I will be posting a lot of blog entries about the bunnies.

Have you ever seen this show?

It's pretty cool...although, we didn't get into any Cash Cabs in Chicago!!

Hogwarts "SNL" Acadamy

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What the heck?

When I moved into my new house, I thought all my problems would be solved with my great new walk-in closet in the master bedroom. I was wrong. At my other house, I had hardly any storage space, so when I built this one, I made sure I had ample closet space. The other closets in the house have not caused me as much heartache as my closet though. What is it with this closet? I can't seem to keep it in order! The more I try, the more crap I put in there. I do, however have 3 very cool shoe racks that were a total nightmare to put together, (thanks, Dunnski, couldn't have done it without you). What is wrong with me??? Anyhoo, I am off the giant black hole I call my closet. If I don't post anything in a while, you will know that I am lost and cannot find my way out.

**Update on the closet** I have four broken nails and I am plum tuckered out!!

This looks too funny!!

I just wish I could see it. I think Kevin James looks just like my ex-husband, only shorter. *sigh*

Old treasures

If you like looking at old pictures check out this fellow bloggers site, Malls of America. He posts pictures of old malls, shopping centers and signs. They are really very interesting, orange really was a popular color back in the day!! Anyone remember the old department store Zayres? I had forgotten until I saw a pic of one of their stores on this site. Louisville also made an appearance on the site recently. Interested now? I will let you see for yourself!

The sax is such a sexy instrument!

I know, I know! It's Kenny G!! But I like him, so, no unkind comments for Kenny, he can't help it his hair looks like that. :-)

*Twinkie - I hope you enjoyed the show!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I wish I could've done more

I ran into our local Goodwill store this afternoon to hunt for treasures. As I was looking around a young girl about 10-12 years old came in and started looking on a top rack of bras and panties. She grabs one and asks me if I can show her where to find the size. I show her that it is always in the back strap by the hooks. She said she was finally able to wear a bra and this was her first one, I can tell she was so excited about her purchase. She looks back at me and says that she can't reach them very well, because they were on a top shelf in a bin. So, I started to pretend to look through them moving the ones I thought she would like to the front, so she could get to them. And then she says this "I wish you could buy bras at the store". I stopped and looked at her and asked her what she meant. She said her Mama told her they didn't sell bras in her size at the store that they could only get them there. My heart sunk. I then asked her what size she thought she thought she wore. She said she wore 34a, but she would have to get 36a because her and sister would have to share a bra. My heart sunk even more. She picked out a couple and ran to show her Mom. I looked up at the sign to see how much the bras were - .25 cents. I had two quarters in my pocket, I saw her coming back. I quickly laid the quarters on the ground for her to find when she returned. I stayed in my spot so my plan would work. She came around the corner and said one of the bras we had chosen was not to her Mom's liking. So, as we started to look again, she spotted the change on the floor, she was so excited! She was so funny, she of course wanted the bra that looked like it came from Victoria's Secret, but we found one that was a sports/training bra that worked just fine. I felt so bad for this little girl, I wanted to just grab her and hug her so tight and tell her everything would be OK, but I couldn't. When she finally walked away, I said bye and so did she, and I was very sad.

Friday, July 13, 2007

This is dedicated to:

Dunnski and Zod, Twinkie and I hope you both enjoy!

I am really diggin' this song.


My laptop has stopped working!!! I am lost and I don't know what to do. I am starting to get the shakes. The weekend is coming. OMG, the weekend is coming, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????

OK - where is my Blackberry - it was just right here!! Where did it go???? Oh, here it is, my Blackberry, it's OK, I'm here now. *rubbing the screen on the BB lovingly*

Some crazy things I have heard lately...

Now, some of these came from my 7 yr old, I bet you can't guess which ones they are!
  1. Squeeze from the bottom up, for best results.
  2. We got along like two squirrels who knew each other.
  3. Uhhh, are you PMS'ing?
  4. Have you been eating raw broccoli?
  5. Not in the Lord's house, dear!
  6. Is today the twentyoneth?
  7. Those things are huge!
  8. Do you still feel like you need to throw up?
  9. You brush my hair harder than the beauty compartment!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A really good time...

Ryan Adams was in town last night. Dunnski and I met up with some friends at BBC for a very windy dinner on the patio before the show. The guys had their fair share of beer and the ladies sipped wine and Maker's Mark Peach Tea! Yummers!! Dinner was very tasty. There was a strange looking fellow playing a guitar and singing on the patio, but no one could really hear him and he took a lot of breaks. But that was OK, we had Ryan waiting!!

After dinner it was a quick walk over to the Brown and we were in our seats and ready for the show. And what a show it was! He put on a 2 1/2 hr concert. He puts on a really good live show. I will leave you with one of my favorite songs he did last night.

Much of life can never be explained but only witnessed.


NAIROBI (AFP) - A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise in an animal facility in the port city of Mombassa, officials said.

The hippopotamus, nicknamed Owen and weighing about 300 kilograms (650 pounds), was swept down Sabaki River into the Indian Ocean , then forced back to shore when tsunami waves struck the Kenyan coast on December 26, before wildlife rangers rescued him.
"It is incredible. A-less-than-a-year-old hippo has adopted a male tortoise, about a century old, and the tortoise seems to be very happy with being a 'mother'," ecologist Paula Kahumbu, who is in charge of Lafarge Park , told AFP.

"After it was swept away and lost its mother, the hippo was traumatized. It had to look for something to be a surrogate mother. Fortunately, it landed on the tortoise and established a strong bond.

They swim, eat and sleep together," the ecologist added. "The hippo follows the tortoise exactly the way it followed its mother. If somebody approaches the tortoise, the hippo becomes aggressive, as if protecting its biological mother," Kahumbu added." The hippo is a young baby, he was left at a very tender age and by nature, hippos are social animals that like to stay with their mothers for four years," he explained.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." This is a real story that shows that our differences don't matter much when we need the comfort of another. We could all learn a lesson from these two creatures of God, "Look beyond the differences and find a way to walk the path together."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ladies, have I got a mascara for you!

It is L'Oreal's new Telescopic mascara. It will take your lashes from microscopic to telescopic! Oh my, that was a little cheesy, huh! But, this stuff is really great! I have been looking for a good mascara for so long I can't even remember the last time I was this excited, over makeup, that is. So what makes this different? It's the brush!

It’s just as long in length as any standard mascara brush, but it is noticeably a lot thinner. If you look at the end of the wand you can see a ‘star shape’ as the brush has what L’Oreal states is a ‘Precision Multi Comb’ – i.e. it consists of four rows of very small combs, forming the ‘star shape’. As the comb is so very skinny, it enables me to reach even the tiniest of lashes into the very corners of my eyes. I have to say, that before I used this product, I wasn’t aware that I even had so many tiny lashes in the corner of my eyes. The comb is extremely flexible and at first glance it appears to be quite flimsy. Once you start to use it, however, you find that it’s actually quite robust. It separates and defines as no other mascara I have ever used. And trust me, I have used several. It doesn't flake during the day and I have not had any raccoon eyes to report.

For removal, I use Mary Kay eye makeup removal and it comes off in a snap. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves their lashes!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I laughed so hard...

My oldest left tonight for a trip to TN with some friends of ours. This, of course, makes my youngest feel that the world has turned against her. She announced to me earlier in the evening that her sister is "The Princess" and she is "The Ugly Chore Person". Now, that is completely NOT true! She just doesn't understand that she is 7 and her sister is 12. Her sister can do a lot of things that she cannot.

So, fast forward a couple of hours and we are taking out the garbage. Which, at our house is a chore. We have to haul the cans about 800 ft to the spot where the garbage gets picked up. So, picture it, me and my 7 year old dragging garbage cans through the field to the road. She is whining and telling me how hard it is. Now, I didn't ask her to help, she volunteered, and I gave her the lightest can. We are almost there and she announces to me that she is all sweaty and she smells like...beef jerky! Now, I was totally NOT expecting her to say this, so I am laughing so hard that I dump my can of trash. I am glad she went with me, she made the trip well worth it.

Golden puppies are the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!

The cute puppy from last night made me want see another, I may have to start posting a cute puppy of the day!

Monday, July 09, 2007

So Alive...

Ryan is coming to the 'Ville for a show Wednesday night, we have our tickets, anyone else going?

Prepare to say...Awwww, he's so cute!

Ok, I don't know whose dog this is, I was searching YouTube and came across this cute little guy, couldn't pass him up!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sushi anyone?

I cannot eat enough sushi. I had it for lunch and dinner today. Yummers!!

My favorite - BBQ Eel.

Frozen Coffee-Fudge Pie

Dunnski made this pie for our 4th of July cookout. O to the M to the G. It was FANTASTIC. Btw, ladies, have I mentioned he is a wonderful cook?? Mmm, mmm, mmm!
The recipe is below, if you want, you can substitute the homemade crust for a store bought chocolate Oreo crust. Makes it even easier! We found the coffee beans at a local coffee store, they really topped it off nicely. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

For Crust:

1 cup packaged chocolate cookie crumbs (such as Oreo)
1 tablespoon butter or stick margarine, melted
1 large egg white, lightly beaten
Cooking spray

For Filling:

2 teaspoons instant coffee granules
1 tablespoon boiling water
3/4 cup fat-free hot fudge topping (such as Smucker's), divided
4 cups low-fat coffee ice cream (such as Starbucks Low Fat Latte)
9 chocolate-covered coffee beans (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

TO PREPARE CRUST: Combine first 3 ingredients, and toss with a fork until moist. Press into bottom and up sides of a 9-inch pie plate coated with cooking spray. Bake at 350 degrees F for 8 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Place crust in freezer.

TO PREPARE FILLING: Place a large bowl in freezer. Combine coffee granules and boiling water in a small bowl; stir until coffee dissolves. Add 3 tablespoons fudge topping; stir well. Set aside.

Spoon ice cream into chilled bowl, and stir in fudge topping mixture. Spoon ice cream mixture into chilled crust; freeze 30 minutes. Cover with plastic wrap; freeze 4 hours or until set. Place pie in refrigerator 20 minutes before serving to soften. Serve pie with 9 tablespoons fudge topping, and garnish with coffee beans, if desired.

Serving size: 1 wedge and 1 tablespoon fudge topping

Calories: 306 Fat: 8g Carbohydrates: 56g
Cholesterol: 12mg Sodium: 225mg Protein: 7g
Fiber: 1g % Cal. from Fat: 24% % Cal. from Carbs: 73%

Source: © Cooking Light Magazine

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ever just felt like putting on your hot pants and roller skates?

Uhh, well, that's if I HAD pink hot pants and roller skates with pink shoe strings to match the hot pants, that I, you know, don't have.

Mmmm...Me and Mr. Buble

What did you say?

I took three rings by a local pawn shop today, just to see what I could get for them. One was a gold wrap with diamonds that fit my wedding ring. The other two were CZ's, one silver one gold. Now, I didn't expect to get anything for the CZ's, I was throwing those in as a bonus for the pawnshop. OK - I go in and hand the rings over. The lady takes them and begins her look over. After fifteen minutes of poking and prodding, I am not sure what the heck is going on, just tell me how much! So she FINALLY comes back and says, "ahhhh, I can give you $45 bucks for all three". I laughed. Now, I didn't think I would get hundreds of dollars, but don't insult me. I took the rings with me, and tonight Dunnski is going to help me list them on ebay. I might even throw in free shipping, I am feeling generous! A lot more generous than Ms. Pawnshop lady!!

Finders Keepers

Attention, shoppers! Warm weather means that flea markets and yard sales are bursting at the seams with hidden treasures. Here’s how to score your own diamonds in the rough.

By Amy Palanjian
Photographs by Scott Gibbons
Originally published in Hallmark Magazine

Toss your plan to loaf your way through the lazy summer days and start bargain hunting instead. Andy Newcom, Hallmark’s intrepid style guru, is here to show you how easy it is to transform someone else’s trash into your very own treasure—while he teaches you to get the biggest bang for your buck and have some fun in the process. From a three-step makeover of a detailed dining chair to a genius “Why didn’t I think of that?” use for old glass chandelier shades, Andy’s expertise opens up a world of decorating ideas. While working as a stylist over the past eight years, he has learned a thing or two about scoring big-style successes: “Pick exactly what you like, don’t be afraid to play around with a project until you get it just right and never doubt how much simple embellishments enhance even the plainest piece,” he says. Still in doubt? Read on and you’ll discover Andy’s time-tested (and cheap!) tricks for customizing some curbside steals.

Scene Setter Andy Newcom is a Missouri-based stylist who develops decorating and craft projects for this magazine and for Hallmark.

Chair Apparent When Andy found this Regency-style chair at an antique store, it was painted in a faux gold-leaf finish. To enhance the chair’s elegance—rather than compete with it—he did a makeunder, giving it a clean and simple transformation. He started by sanding down the paint with a fine-grit sandpaper. (Painting over previously applied glossy paint can result in an uneven coating.) Then he applied a bright white, perfect-for-summer, semigloss latex paint and gave a cotton tablecloth a new life by using it to cover the old seat cushion. (Simply cut the fabric to fit over the removable cushion, allowing at least three extra inches on all sides to fold under the bottom. Tuck in the corners as if you were wrapping a package and use a staple gun to secure the fabric tautly to the seat.) Finally, Andy gave a traditional armless Queen Anne–style chair the same treatment, bringing together two very different pieces of furniture with just a can of paint and a few yards of fabric.

Play Dress-Up The charm of this aged dresser is its patina, so Andy focused on adding a few decorative elements. He started by painting the drawers (which were a different color from the dresser’s frame and not original to the piece) a crisp cream and replaced the missing pulls with fresh, white ceramic ones (easy to find at hardware stores). Then he primed, painted and attached an ornate wooden embellishment to the middle drawer, using small finishing nails that he sank completely with a nail punch and caulked over. He balanced that adornment with two simpler ones on the top and bottom drawers and a medallion on each of the sides.How to decide when enough is enough? “It’s trial and error,” says Andy. “It’s definitely easy to go too far—but the embellishments aren’t expensive, so pick up a few, play with them, and if you don’t end up using them all, just save them for another project.” Then, line the inside of each drawer with pretty wrapping paper or contact paper. Top the dresser off by laying a favorite fabric remnant under a piece of glass cut to fit the dresser’s dimensions—an inexpensive service that’s available at most hardware stores.

Go with the Glow Turn-of-the-century sconces and chandeliers often had opaque glass shades (like the assortment pictured here) that cast a soft, candlelit glow over Victorian parlors and ballrooms. Today it takes virtually no effort (and we mean none) to transform these fixtures into decorative votive candles. As Andy says, “All you have to do is stick a tea light or small votive under the shades and you are done!” Many vintage stores and flea markets (especially those specializing in lighting or in the Victorian era) have a wide range of styles and colors, so it’s easy to mix and match whatever shades you are drawn to. Just choose one unifying theme, such as color, size or a specific style of decorative embossing. Andy chose to display a collection of textured white shades: “With no distracting color, the beautiful, embossed patterns really attract the eye when the shades are lit and glowing from within.” He likes to assemble his finds in clusters of three or four and set them out on a patio or an outdoor dining table. You can also use them to line a walkway, railing or fence—which is an easy, elegant and inviting way to welcome evening guests.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Memories of the 4th

Of course I have memories of cookouts, fireworks and celebrating our countries independence. But I also have other memories I will always treasure. My grandma, Beaulah would have been 92 years old today. She used to say that we didn't need to celebrate her birthday by shooting off fireworks! I miss her.

From Sea to Shining Sea, Kentucky

Kentucky, my home sweet home. Welcome! I hope that I can honor Dan's memory and give you a taste of Kentucky. When you are through, my hope is that you will thirst for more and maybe want to visit our humble little state.

I have lived my entire life within a small Kentucky county. I lived in the same home for 34 years of my life, from the time I was two until I was 36. I had many childhood memories in that home, and th
en raised two children of my own there. My children and I now live on my family's farm. Sixteen acres of land that my parents, my two brothers and their families and my children live on. It is different, not like today's way of thinking. But it is very nice to be surrounded by family and love. Our farm has seen a lot of changes over the years. Homes that were built at the turn of the century are now gone and new ones have replaced them. There are two old barns still standing, housing the remnants of tobacco stakes and old tractors. Ponds that were once Sunday afternoon fishing holes have been drained and filled. Wild honeysuckle still drapes the fence lines in the late spring. A thick bush of blackberries grows along the back of the property line in the summer, most of them luckily hanging on our side. My dad grows a garden and always plants pumpkins for the four granddaughters to have at Halloween. Oh, and did I mention that every Sunday we have a real sit down dinner at my parents' house? It is so good, my Mom is the best cook; Sundays are the best! Well, now that you know a little about me and my little part of Kentucky that I love let me try to introduce you to the rest of our beautiful state.

I found this poem online, it was written by Larry Burke, I think it
epitomizes my state beautifully.


From ancient blue ranges
smoke and mist curled upward
with an early morning chill.

Buzzards circled hollars,

barns weathered and crumbled
beneath the song of the whippoorwill.

The sun melted the highway
into long, shimmering black mirrors

as tobacco swayed with Summer's tease.

The farmer's hand and the salesman's pitch
changed landscape and time,
bringing memory to it's knee.

Old men and country boys,
southern belles and roads winding
forever through the spell.

Jack rocks and shadowed creeks
glimmered beneath the moon
when Grandpa's store had love to sell.

These memories dance, and whisper,
among the rolling valleys
below the cedar dotted hills.

At night, the stars did sparkle
beyond the deep and silent sky.
For me, they sparkled till.

Orchiolum (Larry Burke)
(reprinted w/ permission)

The first Saturday in May, the excitement and anticipation of spring. A new dress with the hat to match, the pageantry of it all.

The Great Balloon Race, The Great Steamboat Race and The Pegasus Parade...just to name a few. The most exciting two minutes in sports, The Kentucky Derby.

In the world of sports, there is not a more moving moment than the one when the horses step onto the track for the post parade and band strikes up "My Old Kentucky Home".

My Old Kentucky Home
Words and Music by: Stephen C. Foster

The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home
'Tis summer, the people are gay;
The corn top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom,
While the birds make music all the day;
The young folks roll on the little cabin floor,
All merry, all happy, and bright,
By'n by hard times comes a-knocking at the door,
Then my old Kentucky home, good night!


Weep no more, my lady,
Oh weep no more today!
We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home,
For the old Kentucky home far away.

They hunt no more for the 'possum and the coon,
On meadow, the hill and the shore,
They sing no more by the glimmer of the moon,
On the bench by that old cabin door;
The day goes by like a shadow o'er the heart,
With sorrow where all was delight;
The time has come when the people have to part,
Then my old Kentucky home, good night!


The head must bow and the back will have to bend,
Wherever the people may go;
A few more days and the trouble all will end
In the field where sugar-canes may grow;
A few more days for to tote the weary load,
No matter, 'twill never be light,
A few more days till we totter on the road,
Then my old Kentucky home, good night!


"My Kentucky" by Steve Hurley

If you would like to find links to more essays from other states, click here. I have also linked one blogger from each region below that is participating in the project.


West East

Monday, July 02, 2007

Got to say thank you to a good hearted man

Swore that I was living free
Boy you couldn't talk to me
And the pride that kept me
Didn't know no company
Early morning subway train
Feeling lost and runnin' late
Well he held the car
He gave his seat to me

And I can't find nothin'
Feels so fine as lovin'
A good hearted man
Oh he can sooth me, free me
Oh I'm going to marry that
Good hearted man

I told him that he better go
‘Cause I was crazy and impossible
That my love was broken
My dreams had run all wild
Patient as the easy rain
Oh he never turned away
Callin' hey sweet woman
You know you're not a child

And I can't find nothin'
Feels so fine as lovin'
A good hearted man
Oh he can sooth me, free me
Oh I'm going to marry that
Good hearted man

Good hearted man
Now the night makes sense
Because your tenderness, its shelter in me
So trading in that hard headed kid
For a woman I can give to him
And it ain't easy but I'm gonna do the best I can
for that good hearted man

You know there just aint nothin'
Feels so fine as lovin'
A good hearted man
Oh he can sooth me, free me
Oh I'm going to marry that
Good hearted man

Oh and I'm grateful grateful
Got to say thank you to a good hearted man

Sometimes, I still do...

Blue Kentucky Girl

The Silver Fox