Friday, June 15, 2007

Can we keep him? Huh Mom, PLEASE???

This morning was crazy, I was trying to get myself finished packed along with the girls for their week with their dad. My youngest had ran over to my Mom's house to grab a few things I needed. I heard her come back in the house and I came out of the bedroom to check on her. She was not alone. There was a black dog standing in my living room wagging his tail! I just stood there with my mouth open. I asked her where the dog came from, since we don't have a black dog. She said his name was Puppy and he followed her home. Hmmm....she ran next door and the dog followed her home? And why was the dog in my house?? "He is all alone" she quickly said as I walked toward the door to escort our new friend outside. And as I am sure you already guessed, the little booger didn't want to leave! After some prodding he did decide to wander back outside and my little girl finally realized she was NOT getting a new pet!

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