Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where else can you find a gift bag big enough to fit your whole body in for $1.00??

I have to give Dollar Tree a HUGE shout out!!! Anyone who has kids understands the importance of a dollar. This store rawks!!!!!!!!!!! My oldest is having her 12th birthday this weekend and we are having a pool party for her. At lunch today, My Sweetie and I ran in to grab a few things and left with the paper products, grab bags and invites. The theme is a Luau - we got a blow up monkey and palm tree - very cute!! Along with paper plates, cups and napkins to match. And the grab bags, oh my! We got all the girls a cute beach bag with a flower on the front and filled each one with pool essentials. HOW FUN!! Now, just cross your fingers it doesn't rain!!

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