Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rose of Sharon

At our last house we had Rose of Sharon planted along one end of our fence row. It mainly served as a privacy fence between us and the neighbor. It was so pretty in the summer when it would bloom with beautiful flowers. The only drawback was the bees also liked the pretty flowers.
It's very sad, but those flowers are only thing that I've missed about the house that I called home for 35 years. I went back several weeks ago to pick up some mail and when I stepped in the front door I had an overwhelming feeling like I was being smothered. The same door I had walked through thousands of times before. I just stood there in the entranceway, all the bad feelings and memories I had associated with, what is now, someone elses home, was overtaking me. I took the mail and made quick small talk and then quickly retreated to the safety of my car. I never thought I would feel this way about the house and home that I loved for so long. Memories........funny how with the good also comes the bad.

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