Friday, May 18, 2007

October 8, 2004

It had almost been a year since my husband walked out of our bedroom when I needed him most. That was not my best year. I kept my secret to myself, living each day in misery.

I had went shopping that day, it was a Friday. Shopping always seemed to make me feel better, but not this day. I had my youngest with me. She was sitting in the back of the Blazer playing with her collection of little toys she had brought from home. We were on the expressway about to get on the offramp to go home and the thought crossed my mind - the thought that for a split second gave me some peace. It gave me an end to the darkness to which I saw no end in sight. I thought that if things didn't get better, I could always end it. Not that I ever would have. I have two beautiful daughters that I love more than life. I could never leave them. But my brain was telling me these lies, I knew then that I had to get help.

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