Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My youngest, the drama queen

If you know her, then you know she doesn't like school. Although you are fortunate enough not to have to hear the multitude of excuses this child can conjure up. Keep in mind she is only 7. Here are just a few she has used during the month of May:

*My jaw is infected.
*I broke my side while I was in the bathtub.
*I have a bump on the right side of my forehead, I can't go to school without a matching one on the left.
*I have an itchy spot on the bottom of my foot.

*My eye feels like there is a knife in it.
*I'm cold.
*I have a bruise that hurts.
*I told my teacher I was not feeling well yesterday, she really isn't expecting me today.
*I don't have any socks.
*I can't find my shoes.

Last Tuesday we were all in the car ready to leave and I asked her if she had her backpack. She angrily got out of the car, which was my answer, and stomped to the door that leads to the house from the garage. She then walked in the house and stood at the door yelling "backpack, backpack, oh backpack", like it was an animal and was going to come running into her sweet little arms. Yep, now you know why I take Zoloft.

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