Friday, May 11, 2007

Just being silly...

1 I am in love with my soul mate

2 I don't like cats

3 I like ketchup with potato chips, actually I like ketchup

on A LOT of things (too many things to mention)

4 I love the smell of coffee, but I don't drink it

5 I don't trust people who smile a lot, never have

6 When I drive, I must listen to the radio

7 I hate getting gas in my car, especially in the winter

8 I have been pregnant twice

9 I have had two c-sections

10 I have had six surgeries in my lifetime

11 I don't have a gallbladder

12 I have passed over 15 kidney stones since 1995

13 I have kidney stones in my kidneys right now

14 I could eat Italian food every day

15 I like to drive fast, I rarely drive the speed limit

16 I love charm bracelets

17 I have had two speeding tickets

18 I cannot sleep without taking one Simply Sleep before bed
19 I cannot sleep without a lot of pillows

20 I love quilts

21 I drink iced tea, almost every day

22 I have an addiction to grape Propel water

23 Zoloft keeps me sane

24 I think I sound like Carrie Underwood, while singing with

Carrie Underwood

25 I also think I sound like Martina McBride, while singing with

Martina McBride. Funny how that happens, heh?

26 I like to sing, but would NEVER do it in front of an audience
27 I am an introvert, I work best when given a task and left alone
28 I have over 75 pairs of shoes, and an outfit to match every pair
29 I have a crush on Harry Potter

30 I like to listen to music

31 I despise commercials on the radio

32 My dad calls me "Sugar" :-)

33 I have two brothers, both younger than me

34 I would give my left arm to have a sister

35 I have two daughters

36 I am almost divorced

37 I saw Snow White when I was six and it scared the crap out of me
38 I was married for almost 14 years

39 My favorite lotion in the world is Tutti Dolci Lemon Meringue
40 I must take off all jewelry the moment I get home from work
41 I prefer sterling silver over gold

42 I must open all mini-blinds in my house in the morning

43 I need light, the dark makes me suicidal

44 I love the smell of sheets that are dried outside on a clothesline
45 I have a fondness for dragonflies

46 I am clumsy

47 I have a weakness for thrift stores, consignment stores,

flea markets, you get the idea………

48 I love antiques, they have so much character and history
49 I have a passion for interior decorating

50 I think my nose is big

51 I have an infatuation with picture frames

52 I adore Michael Buble and anything that comes out of his mouth
53 I really, really, really don't like rodents of ANY kind

54 I bought a 5-speed car and didn't know how to drive it

55 I like Vodka

56 I have never traveled outside the United States

57 I have never smoked a cigarette, although I have smoked a cigar
58 I think my left foot is more attractive than my right foot

59 I think my left hand is more attractive than my right hand
60 I am right handed

61 I am ambidextrous

62 I like to buy cookbooks…..but then I never seem to use them
63 I'm not a very good speller

64 I enjoy doing things for other people

65 I don't tend to bond well with women

66 I don't rely on other people a lot

67 I can swim, but I don't really like the water

68 I have a sick obsession with The Coal Miners Daughter -

have to watch it every time it is on

69 I crack my knuckles

70 I shave my legs EVERY morning

71 I am a very good organizer

72 I believe in love at first site

73 I love to plant flowers in the spring,

but almost always forget to water them

74 I am always excited when Derby time comes,

my birthday is near!

75 I have lived in Bullitt County Ky for 35 years

76 From 1972 - 2006 I lived in the same house

77 I have never been to the KY Derby

78 I was born at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina

79 I LOVE steak

80 I have found it almost impossible to find the

perfect mascara, but I am still looking

81 I believe in God

82 I prefer a french manicure on my toes

over one color of polish

83 My favorite color is blue

84 I like daisies

85 I love the beach

86 I need to pray more

87 I like to be hugged

88 I worry about money

89 It upsets me when people yell at each other

90 I don't like it when men stare at me

91 I don't like to grocery shop alone

92 I am not materialistic

93 There is not one thing in this world I can think

of that I do not like chocolate chips on

94 I have been told I look like lead singer from "Sugarland"
95 I hate being cold

96 I like baseball and hotdogs

97 I like my bacon extra crispy

98 There is nothing better than tomato soup and a grilled cheese
99 I find honeysuckle very tasty

100 Homegrown tomatoes - warm with a little salt - mmmmmmm

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